About The Learned Fangirl

Raizel Liebler and Keidra Chaney are two pop-culture loving fangirls who went to grad school to study law and communications, respectively. Now we write about issues of fan culture, intellectual property, and political media economy for fun and profit.

Collectively, we’ve published articles about popular culture and media in ALARM, Bitch, Venuszine, Clamor and more, we’ve presented papers on fan culture and technology at University of Michigan, MIT, DePaul University, Tulane University, the Intellectual Property Scholars’ Conference, the National Women’s Studies Association, and organizations large and small.

And now we’ve made The Learned Fangirl our blog home.

We can be contacted @ thelearnedfangirl @ gmail [.dot.] com


6 thoughts on “About The Learned Fangirl

  1. Hello! This is Nicole from Temple University’s Media Education Lab, sending you a friendly reminder to check out our new site.

    We especially want to let you and your readers know about our super-NEW, super-cool “Schoolhouse Rock” style music videos that make it fun and easy for everyone (youngsters especially) to learn about and appreciate their social responsibilities and rights under copyright law. So, here is a direct link: http://www.mediaeducationlab.com/news/music-videos-help-educators-and-students-conquer-copyright-confusion.

    Thanks, and rock on!

  2. Hi! Thanks for the covering us. Just wanted to direct you to our new blog which is updated more regularly. BTW, love your blog!

    Pia Guerrero

  3. Thank you!! A friend and I were having a discussion on how true fandom and fangirling has gone by the wayside since Disney took the mainstream. I am glad that we are not the only ones left who are smart, but not yet lunatic obsessed. We have discussed opening a school to properly educate people on how to fangirl. If we do, I will make sure to offer you twwo positions at our school. lol

  4. My name is Margaret Bates and I am a part of a segment of Smallville fandom that has created the first ever fan commercial for a character on an in-production television show. We have made an ad in tribute of Allison Mack and Chloe Sullivan from Smallville to air in Los Angeles this Spring. We hope you consider us as an interesting aspect of fandom culture and of what fandom can accomplish as a unit. Below is a copy of our press release:
    “”Fans honor CW leading lady & Smallville star, Allison Mack, with tribute commercial to air in Los Angeles.
    Smallville fans have funded a professionally-filmed tribute commercial for the CW leading lady Allison Mack and her tv character, Chloe Sullivan, to air this Spring in Los Angeles before this season concludes. Starring on Smallville since 2001, Ms. Mack has gained a large and devoted fan base as one of the CW’s most beloved stars.

    For the completion of her 9th year on the series, Smallville fans decided to celebrate Allison Mack and her tv character, Chloe Sullivan, with a commercial project entitled Legendary. Scripted and funded entirely by fans, this first of its kind tribute ad was filmed in Los Angeles in late February. In the capable hands of the director, Jon Michael Kondrath, cast and crew created a tribute ad focusing on who Chloe Sullivan is and what she means to Smallville fans.

    The ad highlights milestones in Chloe Sullivan’s journey from her introduction as a high school student in Smallville to being hired at the Daily Planet as well as becoming Clark Kent’s confidante.

    The website, Legendary (http://www.legendarychloe.com), has been set up for the project. Although the intial goals of the project have been met, the organizers invite other Smallville fans to help them expand the project with longer air time for the ad or airing it in a second tv market.

    Ms. Mack has been the center of a flurry of fan activity recently. Earlier this year, Smallville fans participated in Operation: Truth & Justice, another initiative to honor Ms. Mack, in which fans donated $3000 to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation in her name and sent the CW star baskets of fan created gifts in appreciation of her performance.”

    We have even been promoted by Richard Sands of TV Guide Magazine Online (http://www.tvguidemagazine.com/smallville/love-and-adventure-for-chloe-sullivan-4523.html) and also by the CW 56 in Boston (http://twitter.com/cw56/status/11651204735).
    If this interests you as a piece, you can also contact me or admin@legendarychloe.com for more information.

    Margaret Bates

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