Extremely Shallow, Pointless Thoughts About Google Chrome

If you are a web designing/blogging/geek type, then yesterday was all about becoming acquainted with the magical world of win known as Google Chrome. This fantastic new browser is speedier, more intuitive and sexier than anything you’ve ever experienced before, according to Google. It will wash your dishes and pay your rent and never let you be alone again.

Sooo, I tried it about about two minutes after the beta went live. Here’s what I think, if you care:

1.) The Google Chrome logo looks like Firefox had a baby with the Pokeball. I’m just saying’

2 ) The tabs at the tip-top of the browser window annoys the HELL out of me, but not as much as …

3.)  The fact that I CAN’T ACCESS !@$%# YOU TUBE!!!!!! WHICH IS OWNED BY GOOGLE!!!!

4.) Not to mention the fact that it kept freezing on me.

However, Google Analytics dashboards look fricking beautiful in Chrome. Just lovely.

So to conclude, I won’t be moving to Chrome anytime soon. Not as long as I have Flock. Google may own my soul, but not all of it. Yet.

We’ll see what happens when Android comes out.


4 thoughts on “Extremely Shallow, Pointless Thoughts About Google Chrome

  1. I checked it out on your recommendation, and wasn’t sure if I was impressed with the ideas or concerned with the thought of Google owning yet another part of my browsing experience.

    The chrome logo makes me want to play Simon.
    Beep beeeeeep
    Beep bop beeeeeep boooooop
    Beep bop boop beeeeeep booop boooooop

  2. Weird. Youtube works fine for me, as does Hulu. Though, ABC.com thinks it’s not a valid browser, but they have a proprietary plugin. It DID crash on me at Gmail, when I was using chat, and I think another site crashed on me. Interestingly, it took the three tabs with it that were of that site, but not any other tabs. I am still confused on what tabs are launched in separate processes. It must me by domain.

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